You can find on this page the Brussels zipcodes map to print and to download in PDF. The Brussels zip code map presents postal codes, address lookup and code list of Brussels in Belgium.

Brussels postcodes map

Map of Brussels zip codes

The Brussels postcodes map shows all the zip codes of Brussels. This zip code map of Brussels will allow you to easily find postal codes and address lookup of Brussels in Belgium. The Brussels postcode map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Brussels is a city in the country of Belgium. Belgium is a country in Europe. There are 3 official language in Belgium: Dutch, German, French. There live about 11.376.070 (1. Januar 2018) people. Brussels has an area of ​​33075858,54 square meter. If you want to send a parcel or a map to Brussels you need the postcode, which is 1000 as you can see in Brussels postcodes map. The indication to postcode 1000 for Brussels is from May 24, 2019 .

The Brussels postcodes as mentioned on map coordinates of latitude and longitude for Brussels 1140 are 50.8466, 4.3528 as shown in the map below. Brussels Post Office Postcode is 1140. Brussels is located in Brussels-Capital, Brussels, Belgium. Brussels has 19 postcodes / zip codes, located district of Brussels.

Belgium has a system of postcode to 4 digits. The first two digits define the city and divided at the same time the country in various postal zones. It begins with 10 to Brussels as its shown in Brussels postcodes map, we continue towards the northeast clockwise until Eeklo that begins with 99. The last two numbers determine the post office of the target area. However, postcodes are not always; necessariamnete; exactly with the boundaries of the municipalities.